MOM IM FINE Personal Brand of Jonathan Kubben Quiñones

Welcome, today, join us to revive a chapter called "Colombia", in the life of the entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmentalist, humanitarian, responsible tourist, assiduous traveler and above all a good boy! Jonathan Kubben Quiñones, founder and director of the project "MOM IM FINE".

His journey throughout Latin America and the world began in Brussels from where he was born in March of 2016 and continues to the present day, although for some it may seem brief, it is to admire all the achievements that have been so far reached by this young 27-year-old blogger, after taking the risky but accurate decision to change his life as a business consultant and become a sensation of the internet.

Inspired to know his heritage being the son of a Mexican mother, in the course of his adventures that were published one by one in his profile of Instagram, became a name, began to have notoriety and was gaining popularity fast.

Such was his rise to fame that captivated the very same Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian family, made friends such as the famous footballer Ronaldinho, gave interviews for renowned magazines like Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, was reviewed by the Huffington Post and appeared on the American channel ABC, to name part of its coverage in several important mass media worldwide.

But it was not all trips and fun, this guy owns a big heart, so he also found time to get involved in humanitarian work helping children in need who were deprived of a mommy or a daddy to watch over them, it managed to be a responsible tourist with our mother nature having a conservationist spirit that protects and preserves the beauty of our planet.

First it was Cuba, soon Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and of course it was the turn to our beautiful country COLOMBIA. As expected, we made him feel at home and we show him everything special and magical there is to offer.

The Medellín Convention and Visitors Bureau invited Jonathan to enjoy the Flower Fair and all the splendor of the city, the parade of silleteros, the wonderful town of Guatapé and could not miss the respective helicopter ride.

In Fly Colombia City Tour, as it was our custom and main mission to create stories and fulfill dreams, it was not difficult to give this young man an emotional experience that was mandatory to tell.

It was a real pleasure for this company to be able to receive this personality, to offer a spectacular experience that revolted all the senses, adding good vibes to his adventure, ensuring quality, good service and sustainable tourism with placer from the heart of our “Paisa” land.

For all this and more, we can say that his mother will be very pleased to know that her son passing through Colombia was very well attended!

We wait for you to fulfill your dream too and create your story as Jonathan did.

See you soon...

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